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DT Saddlery commenced its activities for the European market – combined with global ambitions – in August 2007. The company’s founders draw on their lifetime experience to combine innovative and new materials with classic ones, refined by extraordinary design such as the patented Butterfly saddle. Under the brand name Butterfly®, DT Saddlery produces first class saddles for dressage, jumping and general purpose. For their special editions they closely cooperate with well-known, qualified riders and experts of riding and education, such as Uta Gräf, Michael Putz, Thomas Mühlbauer, Richard Hinrichs, Monty Roberts and Kirsten Jung.

DT Saddlery is always searching for new and creative ideas and works closely with equestrian legends such as Ludger Beerbaum, ex world champion Norbert Koof and Thomas Mühlbauer (showjumping) as well as with Ulla Salzgeber, an international dressage star.

Their Butterfly® saddles are not equipped with a conventional gullet plate at the pommel and as such the remaining ”reinforcing bar” cannot exert pressure on the withers.  There are vertically and horizontally moveable hinges in the saddle tree at the withers and the shoulder that allow for adaption to the horse’s movements – from walk up to the highest collection.

The Butterfly saddle can fit almost any shape horse’s back, due to its flexibility.

The Butterfly saddle allows for complete freedom of shoulder and withers, removing any pressure points at the thoracic trapezius while still allowing for a close contact feel in the seat. This exceptional freedom supports increased forward movement of the horse and increased cadence.

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