DP Saddlery is dedicated to protecting horse and rider from long-term damage.They are continuously working to improve the health and wellbeing of horses by raising industry standards on saddles. In her many years as a horse trainer in Germany, Barbara Caiado has witnessed the damages that are done to horses every day by improperly designed and unfitted saddles, and yet still many balk at thoroughly understanding and examining the most basic and fundamental means of connection with the horse: the saddle. Barbara Caiado calls on all those involved in caring for and working with horses as well as horse owners, to not only educate themselves in terms of the detrimental impact of poor saddlefit, but to also find a way to work cooperatively together toward a better and brighter future for the horse.

At DP Saddlery they believe that it is time to think intelligently about saddle choice and saddle fit for both horse and rider, and so they strive to create the utmost innovative saddles. High quality, German engineering and customizable Saddles, combined with many years of experiences out in the Equestrian fields make them a reliable partner for professionals and horse owners alike.

Ulrich Deuber,  third generation master saddler, has developed, together with his team, saddles for different riding styles over the years: Baroque, Dressage, Trail and Endurance (Quantum), Western, and treeless saddles (Startrekk).

Some of their many innovations include a continuously variable tree point angle AND gullet size in the Ultra-Flex saddle trees featured in all their Baroque models such as the El Campo Working Equitation saddle; an extremely lightweight treeless saddle in the Strattrekk line that avoids all pressure points; or the brand new Western Dressage models that combine the advantages of a dressage saddle with the amenities of a Western saddle.

Here the greatest value is always placed on:

– Extraordinary quality at affordable prices

– Best comfort combined with maximum functionality and top design

– Wide range of models for various disciplines all throughout equestrian sports

– Various adjustable trees and styles for a large variety and types of horses.

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