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Below are real testimonials from clients of Zsuzsu's

"Night and day difference. Amazing how much better she's able to use her back. We're thrilled!"


"Zsuzsu Illes' Classical Training, coupled with her profound understanding of biomechanics - both of horse and rider - make her the perfect and only contact you need for any and all breeds and riding disciplines.  If you want to find the saddle that truly fits and benefits both you and your horse, without a sales bias to one brand of saddle or another, then look no further than Zsuzsu.  I can't imagine buying a saddle again without her expertise and guidance."

Lola Miller

"Dear Zsuzsu,
I've written this recommendation of your work to share with other
LinkedIn users.
Details of the Recommendation: "There are plenty of saddle fitters who
will check to see if your saddle fits your horse, and there are plenty
of riding instructors who look at your riding to offer help, and there
are lots of trainers to help you train your horse, but Zsuzsu offers
expertise and guidance on all of these vital areas of horse owning and
riding in one package. If you want a clinic that really works on all
the aspects of, rider, and her. She's
worth every penny!"

Maryanne Gabbani

“I trust her ability to speak to the horse as well as the rider, given
her calm and common sense approach to training.”

J.Stiles - client

"I recently purchased a new synthetic western saddle for my
granddaughter to use on my horse during lessons as mine is too big for
her. The first time we used it he suffered a girth sore which he had
never had before with my saddle.
I did not know what the problem was so I consulted Zsuzsu Illes as I
know her to be educated in saddle fitting.
After looking at my horse, who is swaybacked, and looking at all my
saddles on and off my horse, with and without saddle pads, she came up
with a diagnosis. She was able to determine that the new saddle would
not work at all as he is short backed. The new saddle's square skirt
was interfering with his hip, forcing the saddle to shift with each
step which created enough girth movement to cause a girth sore.
She also found that my regular saddle is slightly tweaked in it’s
construction. By using towels to fill in the bridging caused by the
swayback she was able to show how we could distribute the saddle
weight better and thereby minimize pressure points on his back, thus
allowing the saddle to fit better overall. She also found a company
that sells shims that will work to fill in the bridging area. I was
very impressed with her knowledge in this area and how she was able to
determine just exactly what was wrong and how it could be rectified."

V.Harpam - Client

“Zsuzsu Illes is an educator in the equine industry, encouraging the
positive development of the mind, body and spirit through holistic
training methods for all horses and riders. Her natural connection to
both offers a quietness to help the students to listen and learn from
her rich insight and understanding. Her love for the horse, the
equestrian sport and her students is boundless.”

K.Foster - client

"Zsuzsu Illes is a superb teacher and horsewoman. She understands how
to motivate a student to strive to be the best in their equine
discipline both in their riding and in their relationship with the
horse. Patient, hardworking and thorough in her approach the student
is able to acquire knowledge in a very methodical and organic way. She
is very organized and dedicated in her craft."

J.Lyons - Client

"Thanks to your good basic training I can now ride like the wind."

E.F. - client

"I enjoyed meeting you today and was so thankful for your thorough and
expert insights into my saddle problems and riding seat. I can't wait
to learn dressage from you as well. I know you will be a very articulate and
knowledgeable teacher......... I just thought you would like to hear how my first trail ride went after our lesson today. We went up and down a mountain where normally my horse tries to race back home and can get worked up some. Today, (we)........walked calmly up and down that mountain which has never happened before.... It was a miracle! .......... I followed his motion and we were both very happy together. I never had to tug on the reins to slow him down and I didn't even use the reins for guidance but used my hips like you showed me. I loved what I learned today. Thank you so much"


"How can we ever thank you? I am one lucky lady. There is so much to
learn but you and Pashe are master teachers. I am very excited. Hopefully Pashe will be patient with me (you seem to have the patience of a saint)."


"...I enjoyed watching how well you were able to transfer your instruction from one rider to the next, no matter what level or experience they had. I felt that each rider got a lot out of their time with you, and that you used practical easy explanations. A lot of people ride horses including myself, but having the gentle command of their horse that you teach is a beautiful thing! I feel it has made me more consistent and productive as a rider."

Stacy Hyatt

"...My horses and I thank you for sharing your talent and wisdom..."


Just a quick note about your products and services. After purchasing an El Campo for my Andalusians, I was very impressed with the adjustability and comfort for both horse and rider. In the past, I have had some difficulty fitting my Andalusians, so it was refreshing to find a saddle that was well balanced and fit perfectly. The one down side to these saddles is how adjustable they are because this leaves me with no excuse to purchase more of them in various styles and colors. I’m kidding of course, even though one saddle fit all five of my horses, I couldn’t resist purchasing more simply due to their sheer beauty – each one a functional work of art. I currently own four DP saddles and will be purchasing another in the near future.

On another note, a tremendous benefit to purchasing DP saddles is the professional assistance. Regardless of quality, if not properly fitted, then the saddle fails to live up to its potential. Specifically, I would like to commend Zsuzsu Illes for her skills and professionalism. She has been responsive, efficient and helpful during my numerous purchases. She has a keen eye for the proper fit and is skilled and experienced enough to accomplish this remotely over video chat during these challenging times that necessitate social distancing. Without Zsuzsu’s support and suggestions, I may not have been inclined to make so many purchases.

A.D. - client

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