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Holistic BOARDING catering to the Horse's Nature

FULL SERVICE pasture boarding. Horses roam the entire 10 acres during the day and are in pastures with shelters overnight.

  1. Unlimited grass hay and/or grazing (grazing muzzles available if needed).
  2. Hay is tested several times a year.
  3. Daily carrots to ensure adequate Vitamin A.
  4. Temporary addition of micronutrients if additional elements are shown to be missing in current hay analysis.
  5. One week a month of ParaTox supplement for parasite control and nutritional detox.
  6. Handful of wet Timothy pellets as base for supplements.
  7. Sunflower seeds and/or Crimped oats added when needed.
  8. Daily salt.
  9. Daily ionic boron for hoof health.
  10. Overnight pasture with shelter.
  11. Daily health check.

  12. Daily Fly Control supplement.

  13. Daily flymasks on and off during fly season.

  14. Daily hoof check

  15. Daily Fly Spray in summer

  16. In winter Hoof Thrush remedy as needed.

  17. Daily feeding of supplements (owner pays for supplements).

  18. Arranging and supervision of hoof care professional, health care professional, veterinarian (owner pays service provider directly for services).


Additional services are available for a fee, including but not limited to training, hand walking etc. Please let us know what you need. Boarded horses do not need to be in training. We welcome Retired horses and horses in Rehab as well.

Pricing - $775/month

For more information on Rehab & Foundational Training - Click here


An Outdoor Natural Environment for Overnight & Play Days Finding comfort in movement and play for Doggie Friends.

Free range of property with supervision.

Large Doggie Playground for those dogs needing an enclosed environment.

Overnight Cottages.


PlayDay - $35

Overnight - $60

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