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The SMART saddle range, winner of the coveted  Queen’s Award for Innovation 2021, was developed in a quest to design the perfect saddle to improve equine welfare and performance.

The advanced SMART™ saddle design flexes with the movement of the horses back to allow unrestricted lift, bend, stretch and flex through their body and across their backs during exercise, encouraging full freedom of movement and healthy back muscle development.

Made in the UK using scientifically tested SMART™ FLEXTech Technology, one SMART™ saddle can ‘flex-to-fit’ all year round, ensuring comfortable performance season after season, avoiding saddle fit issues that can lead to behavioural problems and poor performance.

For all horses and ponies, whatever their shape, the SMART™ saddle system is easy to use and with customisable options on all saddle models, suitable for amateurs and professionals alike...

The patented SMART™ saddle is available in a range of styles
- providing a flexible solution to saddle fitting, whatever level you ride at.

For Best Price available and Superb Support please call us at 916.842.1517 or 818.427.9733 or email at

SMART Native Saddles

Specifically designed for flat backed horses and ponies across all English disciplines.



Multi-Discipline Saddles

General purpose saddles with adjustable support for both flatwork and jumping



SMART Jump Saddles

Forward cut saddles with a narrow twist and open seat for jumping and fast work



SMART Dressage Saddles

Secure seat and straight-cut knee flap to support a classical dressage position

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