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Letter of Recommendation

Recommendation                                                                                         November 6, 2008

Ms. Illes studied the classical tradition of horsemanship and dressage schooling of horses with me for over a decade. These studies included my coaching and training of Ms. Illes and her horses as well as extensive theoretical teaching, resulting in her comprehensive understanding of classical equitation, training of horses accordingly and teaching of riders. She understands the theory of riding, can demonstrate it in the saddle and can teach it correctly and with enthusiasm that inspires her riders.

Ms. Illes demonstrates extraordinary talent for the art of riding and exceptional aptitude for teaching it. Her communication skills are second to none. She also understands coaching and training methodology according to the classical tradition. 

She has demonstrated leadership in her organizing equestrian clinics, events, competitions and extensive courses. I have taught and judged several of her students and found them to be correctly trained and tutored in the art of horsemanship. She has exceptional ability to communicate and is a very effective teacher and coach.

She has managed stables and riding facilities professionally and well, and hired suitable professionals as staff.  I taught at facilities under her management.

Charles de Kunffy

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