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Boarded horses do not need to be in training. We welcome retired horses and horses in rehab as well.

A good rehab program mirrors a good training program. It is about healing the whole horse and restoring them to a higher standard of soundness - striving for the greatest degree of improvement possible. 


We believe that soundness should be all about:

  • The whole horse's health and wellbeing in both body

  • The horse being in comfort and a state of relaxation

  • The horse's demeanor showing willingness

  • and of course all about straightness, symmetry and balance

In the end Rehab and Training are not two separate approaches.

Because the goals of Rehab are also the goals of Training. The quest to improve our hourses' soundness, and not accept an approach or method that instead breaks them down.

All Rehab and foundational Training should be about protection and preservation of long-term soundness.

  1. Boarding includes: Unlimited grass hay and/or grazing (grazing muzzles available if needed).

  2. Overnight pasture with shelter.

  3. Daily health check

  4. Daily Fly Control supplements (owner pays for supplements)

  5. Daily masks, blankets (IF needed for the health of the horse) on and off.

  6. Daily hoof check and cleaning, and in winter Thrush remedy

  7. Daily giving of supplements (owner provides or pays for supplements)

  8. Arranging and supervision of hoof care professional, health care professional, veterinarian (owner pays service provider directly for services)

Additional services are available for a fee, including but not limiting to training, hand walking etc. Please let us know what you need. 


$90/hour at Tanglewood Acres

$110/hour off property + $0.99/mile travel cost

Before ReBalance

After ReBalance

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