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This year of 2022 I decided to add a list of the most recent continuing professional development educational sessions I have attended to help you understand the whole person-whole horse perspective from which I approach all my work.

April 2022 - Micro damage of the Superficial Digital Flexor Tendon and the efficacy of ridden water submersion training hosted  by The Equine Education Hub

February 2022 - Training the Brain with Dr Andrew Hemmings hosted by Horses Inside Out

February 2022 - Horse-Rider Myofascial Connection - Tuulia Luomala hosted by Yogi Sharpe

January 2022 - F-Balance(hoof trimming) with Daniel Anz and Yogi Sharpe

December 2021 - Equine Body Stress Patterns and Orthopaedic Balance - The Equine Documentalist

October 2021 - Centaur Biomechanics International Equine Sports Science - Prof. Michael Weishaupt, Dr. Rikke Schultz, Dr. Simon Curtis, Dr. Sarah Hobbs, Dr. Elin Hernlund, Prof Marie Rhodin, Haydn Price

November 2021 - Fundamentals of EAGALA Model Practice a 28 hour clinic

October 2021 - Barefoot vs Shod - Yogi SharpeThe Equine Documentalist

October 2021- 10 hour mentorship live with PHCP HcP Mentor with 8 horses with differing hoof morphology

August 2021 - Begin mentorship with Farrier & Veterinarian Dr. Kris Bartow

July 2021 - Biomechanics off the Equine Back With and Without a Rider - Dr. Russell MacKechnie-Guire

June 2021 - Rider Biomechanics: Improving Horse and Rider Performance - Dr. Russell MacKechnie-Guire

April 2021 - Live Dissection-Haemodynamic System with The Equine Documentalist

April 2021 - Evaluating Saddle Fit with Dr. Anne Bondi of the Saddle Research Trust

March 2021 - Negative Plantar Angles & Associated Pathologies - Dr. Peter Clemens with Yogi Sharpe

And the few that I can recall prior to last year:

February 2018 - 2 day ABC Hoof Trimming Clinic with Cheryl Henderson

September 2014 - MSFC Certificate - Master Saddle Fitting Consultant one year course program

December 2006 - EAGALA Certification 3 day clinic

Multiple Charles de Kunffy Instructors Courses

Multiple Charles de Kunffy Riding Clinics

Multiple USDF Certified Courses

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