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Study on Using Thermography to Assess Saddle Fit

MacKechnie-Guire R, Fisher M, Mathie H, Kuczynska K, Fairfax V, Fisher D, Pfau T. A Systematic Approach to Comparing Thermal Activity of the Thoracic Region and Saddle Pressure Distribution beneath the Saddle in a Group of Non-Lame Sports Horses. Animals. 2021; 11(4):1105.

This study (see attached pdf or above link) has investigated the relationship between saddle pressures and thermal activity in the context of saddle fitting. Our findings did not provide evidence supporting a direct link between thermal activity and areas with an increased magnitude of pressure under the saddle. We did, however, find consistent exercise-induced changes in thermal activity. This complicates the use of thermal imaging for assessing dynamic saddle fitting.

Comparing Thermal Activity to Saddle Pressure
Download PDF • 2.35MB

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