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Ingredients: 100% Food Grade Magnesium Glycinate for horses


Magnesium Glycinate is chelated with two molecules of the amino acid Glycine which means it is in a chelated form. The result is that Magnesium is considered by the body to be an amino acid and will only be absorbed in the small intestines by means of amino acid receptors. Magnesium glycinate tends to be better utilized by the body than other forms that are excreted more easily.
Glycine has been shown in some studies to help provide some protection from glyphosate toxicity.

Magnesium Glycinate is a powder with a slightly sweet taste that can easily be mixed into any base with or without other supplements.


ReBalance Magnesium Glycinate is 100% free of added sugars. (Sugars are not always listed as sugar. Common sugars and sweeteners in supplements are apple aroma, dextrose, sucrose and grape sugar.) Our products also do not contain other fillers or flavourings. Magnesium Glycinate does have a mildly sweet flavour.

ReBalance Mag+

  • ReBalance Mag+ can be mixed with your horse's daily feed. The average horse on a 100% forage diet will usually need 1/2 scoop daily. (Note: 1 measuring scoop is equal to approximately 16 grams). Use the following guidelines based on weight:


    Pony (± 500 lbs):  1/4-1/2 measuring scoop a day


    Horse (± 1100 lbs):  1/2-1 measuring scoop a day


    Storage Recommendation:

    The product should be stored in a cool, dry place in the original packaging, beyond the reach of children.

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