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Zsuzsu and horses

Horse Retreats

Brain * Heart * Horse * Coherence

Equine Transformational Retreats for small groups and individuals including:

  • Soul Expansion

  • Caregivers

  • Family/Relationship Dynamics

  • Physical Health

“I am filled with joy and gratitude in my heart after our incredible weekend together. I wanted to take a moment to express my deepest appreciation for the transformative and magical experience you provided.


Spending time with all of us, surrounded by your beautiful horses, in such a majestic setting was truly rejuvenating. The energy, spirit and peace I felt during our time together were nothing short of extraordinary. Your passion for the horses and the bond you share with them is truly inspiring.


Thank you for opening up your world to me. It’s moments like these that remind me of the beauty and wonder that exists in the world, and for that, I am immensely grateful.” 


- With heartfelt gratitude, J.D, California


Having an immersive, holistic retreat (for one, two, or three days) within nature’s embrace is a powerful way to begin your process, or deepen your awareness, when ready to make significant changes in your life. 

Retreats are customized to fit your specific intentions and goals and always include aspects of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual being-ness. Your retreat can focus on you alone, you and your significant other, your family, or a small group.


You may also choose to come with your dog/s and/or

horse/s. Since I work intuitively with people and the animals they love, you will explore the inter-relatedness and health of you and your beloved animals. 

Retreats are also available to include riding instruction all the way to transformative health coaching for your horses and/or dogs.



Many people find that when they spend time with the herd of horses, they experience how the horses bring together the mind/body/spirit connection in surprising ways. You will be provided with structured and unstructured time with the herd and with a particular horse or two (if you’d like) while your inner awareness deepens effortlessly and you see what is reflected back to you in your experience of the horse. Whether you’ve ridden your entire life or are terrified of horses, this opportunity is often described as magical and transformative. 



Specific exercises and stretches for your particular body’s needs towards having greater flexibility and better posture to assist you moving through life pain free, and with greater ease and confidence. 

Hydration is explored – how often and in what ways do you give your body the hydration it needs to function at full capacity? Ways for you to personally stay hydrated will be explored. 

Care and feeding of your body – education regarding personalized supplements, nutrition, and how to make lasting changes with ease and move through resistance; creation of personalized, non-toxic sunscreen, deodorant and options for healthier hydrated skin. 


Mental, Emotional & Spiritual: 

The all-encompassing experience of being on retreat with me allows you to discover moment by moment, throughout the day, the thoughts and feelings you habitually return to that are not you but that keep you in a pattern of behaviors that define your personality and your ongoing temperament. By being willing to have what is seen (and hidden) be respectfully and honestly observed, you will discover a new level of awareness of what’s keeping you from being who you want to become. 


Your smallest steps towards a new way of being will be highlighted and celebrated, and you will learn how to acknowledge and cherish yourself as you learn to master and tame the habitual patterns of self-talk, and relieve yourself from the onslaught of lower emotions that do not benefit you. 


You will learn techniques for quieting your mind, accessing new, empowering approaches, and letting go of persistent feelings and memories, so that you can become free from being stuck and imprisoned by them, and gain the wisdom that is within you to discover. 


Breathing exercises and meditations that resonate with you will be practiced and honed so that you can easily incorporate them into your daily routine.  

Flower Essences may be used for emotional healing support, as are Horse and Dog interactions, and time in nature. As you internalize these experiences you will begin to learn to listen to your ever-present inner knowing.  

Channeled wisdom from your guidance system will be easily accessed while working with me, and you will have a safe and sacred space to receive, integrate, and practice what you are given – all while strengthening your intuition. 


Horse Retreats

With your Horse/s

  • Riding instruction 

  • Saddle fitting 

  • Horse hoof analysis and education 

  • Feeding and care for your particular horse/s, including supplements, stretches, hoof care, etc. 


Dog Retreats

With your Dog/s: 

  • Training and behavior modification towards having healthy, well-adjusted dog/s who are a joy to take out in public. 

  • Feeding and care for your particular dog/s, including proper nutrition, supplements and dental care; easy solution for getting rid of persistent “dog smell”  


Retreats for couples: 

All that is available for individuals can be customized to work with the two of you as a couple, as well as individually. 


You will gain valuable insights as a couple about what makes your unique relationship thrive and what to pay attention to in order to keep your relationship and communication healthy and strong.   


The combination of individual and shared work with me along with the horses and dogs that live here, provides a new perspective to shift patterns of relating that no longer serve you personally and that may be negatively impacting your experience of enduring love, intimacy and connection. 


“My boyfriend and I had a session with Zsuzsu and we were both deeply impressed by her accuracy and ability to navigate the conversation. In real time she was able to, precisely and without judgement, point out the exact ways in which we would benefit to change the old habits we have within ourselves, as well as with each other. These moments were invaluable for our comprehension of our behaviors and "seeing" ourselves in the act of mis-speak and covert tendencies. 


Zsuzsu speaks very candidly (read those last two words again...and again...) but never with superiority or malice. She understands the learning we are all engaged in while living our time on Earth better than many are willing to. In place of the desire to be "liked", she is instead infused with the calling to sincerely assist those who are wanting to be different than they have been, and better than they were yesterday. While she is indeed well studied, she is also well lived and actively walks her talk. 


"My boyfriend and I left our session with invaluable insight, clear direction, and abundant gratitude." K.W., California 


Retreats for Families: 

I work with family members individually as well as together, providing raw, clear and profound observations that illuminate patterns of relating that strengthen relationships, and address toxic or misunderstood family dynamics around shared and individual issues that need to shift in order to further health in the family. I share new approaches in ways that are relevant and immediately applicable to provide opportunities for healing and enduring positive impact. 


Examples of family situations that have greatly benefitted from retreat time include: 

  • Parents of an autistic (neuro-atypical) son: each had individual sessions with a horse and they also worked closely with me to learn modifications with diet and responses to behaviors that led to changes in the family system and a higher functioning child with longer attention span and fewer disruptive behaviors. 

  • Parents with a son diagnosed with psychosis who was having panic attacks – as a family they became empowered to research and learn about his medications and side effects and symptoms and came up with an immediate action plan, all while being nurtured and supported, where the parents both learned about how to improve their own self care and their relationship with each other, as they continued to support their son in finding answers to his particular challenges 

  • Stepfamily reunion with three generations coming together to all experience something new and different together. Bonding over a shared enjoyment of horses, the family used the time to reset and reflect on what matters most and what new ways of being together they wanted to infuse into their future relating.  

  • Stepmother and Stepdaughter retreat where the stepdaughter was physically challenged with long-Covid. Modifications were provided as they learned together effective, researched strategies for maximizing health and vitality no matter what the circumstances.



Retreats for small groups: 


Along with the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual options available to individuals, your group will be provided structured and unstructured time with horses, dogs, art supplies and more. There will be group sharing, alone time to journal, reflect, explore the property, and play with the animals. There will also be dedicated time for rest and naps as you take time to integrate your experiences.  


Each attendee will have one private, personal intuitive mentoring session with me focused on their overall well-being and particular goals and intentions. There will also be group sessions with posture adjustments, breathing exercises, card readings and more. Everyone will also have an individual “energy experience” with a horse. 

Examples of cohort groups: 


  • Women Colleagues in similar professions – mixing professional development and retreat experiences to deepen relationships, network, and mutually support each other in personal and professional goals for expansion and transformation. 

  • C-Suite Executives

  1. Inspiring setting for strategic planning based on the company's core values.  Spending time unplugged, in nature, and with horses, provides a unique perspective and ability to envision the future powerfully.

  • Women friends – using a unique retreat experience as a reunion, where each attendee highlights their gifts and talents and produces one of the retreat modules. The format of the retreat is co-created by them and also evolves spontaneously when all together. 

  • Men’s Groups – looking to have unique experiences together that get them out of their comfort zone and into their hearts, supporting each other in being the best versions of themselves.

  • Inheritors/Beneficiaries/”Rising Gen” – a safe and special place to be free of the trappings of popular culture and memes of what it means to be wealthy. Horses interact with you based on who you are being, not how much money your family has. Peers facing similar challenges that come with wealth can relate to each other and defenses can be removed as there are no micro (or macro) aggressions from the 99%.

  • Caregivers who need to rejuvenate and recharge to be able to continue to care for others to the best of their ability.  

  • Thought leaders who are doing great things and are leveraging and multiplying their effect – for reflection, rejuvenation, and expansion of perspective and possibilities 

  • Burnt-out Healthcare Professionals – “physician heal thyself”

  • When your days are focused on the health and well-being of your patients, are your nights spent cultivating a lifestyle and routine that nurtures your health and well-being?


  • When the healthcare system begins to fail you and all your believed in when you began in your career, having time to retreat and reflect provides an opportunity to reset and re-evaluate from an entirely new perspective. 

  • Leaders in Minority or Underserved Communities

  • Allow yourself to be served and honored for all the work you do to serve others. Learn new ways to approach food and exercise that will support you in your efforts, and that will support the community you serve in ways that the culture and government services have not.   



There is a local Bed and Breakfast [link here] five minutes from the retreat property that provides gourmet breakfasts, outdoor soaking tubs, and cozy rooms with fire places. The Bed and Breakfast has seven rooms that range in price.


Starting at $1,000 per day, per person

Contact Zsuzsu at for more information

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