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A Hay Enhancer supplement to be fed as needed only, to support horses needing to gain weight and/or to support endurance capability. ReBalEnduro Complex is a proprietary blend of L-Arginine Ketogluterate, B-Hydroxy B-methylbutyrate, DiMagnesium Malate and Withania Somnifera mixed into a base of milled FlaxSeed with Natural Mixed Tocopherols as a natural preservative.

Not to be used for horses that have a body condition score of 5 and above.


                                           241 SERVINGS in a 12lb bag

ReBalance EnduraGain

  • Provide to horses at the rate of 22.5 to 30 grams (3/4 to 1 level scoop) per day until the horse attains the desired muscle/weight. Reduce daily feeding rate, as needed, to maintain desired weight.


    The enclosed 50cc scoop will hold approximately 30 grams when fi lled to level. For more precise dosing, the use of an accurate gram scale is recommended.


    If the horse’s manure becomes loose, remove other supplements containing magnesium prior to reducing the daily serving of EqGain.


    When not in use, store product in a sealed container, away from heat and moisture.

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