A Comprehensive Ration Balancer for horses being fed grass or mostly grass hay. Designed to support the entire horse.

Essential amino acid Lysine for bone health, immune function and to support a strong topline.

Chromium and Ceylon Cinnamon (product can be custom made without cinnamon - most horses need this support for healthy metabolism) to support proper insulin function and maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

Natural Vitamin E and Selenium Yeast to support healthy muscle, nerve, and reproductive function as well as support a strong immune system.

B-Complex to support a healthy nervous system, especially important for horses under stress.

Biotin for strong healthy hooves.

DHA to reduce inflammation.

Copper to help support healthy cartilage and bone, healthy hemoglobin formation, 

Zinc for proper insulin function, healthy cartilage, hoof growth, healthy

gut biome and muscle conditioning, 

Essential amino acid Methionine to support the mane, hair coat and connective tissue as well as to support a healthy topline..

Essential amino acid Threonine is important for the brain and is capable of producing the amino acid glycine. It promotes the health of the thymus gland for the immune system.


This Hay Balancer is made to be fed with an additional magnesium supplement as well as Source Original Trace Minerals.


                                   77 SERVINGS in a 12lb bag

ReBalance Nutri+

  • Start with a 1/4 scoop (provided) daily and increase weekly by 1/4 scoop daily.

    Many horses can cut back to being fed 5x week of the full daily ration after 90 days on the full ration.